Dine with Dignity

What is certain in Bandon is that we are truly fortunate that our hinterland can provide an abundant array of flavours and produce.  What we at A Taste of Bandon are certain of is that we want everyone to enjoy all that our fabulous town has to offer.

Named in Irish Times 50 young people to watch in 2020 (https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/people/50-people-to-watch-in-2020-the-best-young-talent-in-ireland-1.4113541?mode=amp)    We are delighted that Niamh Condon from Dining with Dignity has kindly agreed to showcase her extraordinary talents and raise awareness of the difficulties of those around us who cannot enjoy the foods they once did.  There are few of us who do not know of someone who suffers from the debilitation of dysphagia(difficulty of swallowing), with up to 8% of the world’s population affected, unable to enjoy flavours or meals they once imbibed with gusto.  Niamh set up Dining with Dignity in 2019 to provide catering and consultancy and training in the healthcare setting.  Being mentored since the age of 12 by her uncle, who was a member of the Panel of Chef’s of Ireland, she quickly came to understand and embrace that food is the centre of every celebration in life.  As her experience grew, her desire for her dream job changed, from owning her own eating establishment to creating food not just because people want to eat but because they need to eat.  Mindful of the nutritional requirements for those in her care, the challenge arose, to provide foods that not only provides nutrition but also satisfies the taste buds and appeals aesthetically to the diner.  From Chocolate Cake to Breakfast fry-up nothing is off the menu at Niamh’s hands.

Different diets need to be catered for, be they low fat, diabetic, texture modified or high calorie fortified foods.  An endless list of requirements that need to be fulfilled for each individual and a challenge which Niamh has turned into a life’s passion. “My passion for creating food for people to enjoy can be somewhat intense, but I firmly believe that you CAN have your cake and eat it”

Wanting to convey her passion for this type of cooking has led Niamh on a journey to encourage others to give people joy at each meal.  Currently the first Dysphagia Trainer in Ireland listed with LHP Skillnet She now provides training for chef’s, home care workers, relatives and healthcare professional son how to prepare foods for people with all levels of dysphagia using safe procedures and guidelines in preparing foods for their loved ones.

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