Frolics and the Púca’s Share


If you ever wondered about the trick or treat and never-ending candy customs around commercial Halloween industry, it all began with leaving a share to appease the Púca.  This mischievous, shapeshifting fairy was given offerings such as a corner of the field unploughed or a barmbrack on the doorstrep.   We reckoned the Púca’s Share needed a more thoughtful, modern interpretation.

The Púca plays all kind of tricks. Spot them around town - on stilts, on a uni-cycle, you just never know where. For 2021, Taste of Bandon is delighted to be partnering with Jack & Friends – an inspiring local charity that works to support children with autism and their families.


All around town, but his has to be said that the Púca, no matter what shape he is in, does like his snacks.  So hang around where there tempting treats might be on offer.


11-1 pm

How much:

Free - but donations are gratefully received in support of our chosen charity for 2021 Jack & Friends

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