Jack & Friends: Bandon Autism Support


We felt that our chosen charity partner this year deserved an entry highlighting all their hard work. When we proceeded with this year's festival, we were very mindful that community and bringing people together were at the heart of what we were hoping to achieve. When the idea of bringing back the tradition of the Púca's share was proposed we knew instantly this could be a way of giving something back to those around us.  To select Jack & Friends as our chosen charity to support this year was an ideal fit since they are 'funded by the community, for the community'.

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How can we help:

The centre does not receive funding and relies entirely on the voluntary efforts Claire, her team and the community put in to raise the funds to keep the support going and the doors open at Jack &

Taste of Bandon is delighted to be partnering with Jack & Friends – an inspiring local charity that works to support children with autism and their families.

All donations from festival workshop fees, collection boxes and Banshee Burger Box income, will go toward their “Give Us A Voice” project. 

Please give generously wherever you see a collection box.  €1700, will allow the charity to purchase a communication device for non-verbal children, as well as the provision of training for their families.

‘ Speech is a human right; yet so many children go unheard!’           (Claire Desmond Mother of Jack aged 7)

Please give generously wherever you see a collection box.  Your help could enable a child for the first time to express whether he is hungry, he likes football, or he wants to go to bed.


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