The Bandon Banshee & Harry Potter

We have had a lot of fun planning the family fun for our October Bank Holiday weekend. Headlining is our Harry Potter Parade and food fest on Saturday 26th Oct.  

Registrations for the world record will start at 4pm at Bandon’s Fish Market Corner. Get ready now to help us create a new Guinness World Record for the Greatest Number of Harry Potters in one place.

On Friday night choose between two enchantment skills, Learn to Knit in Hogwarts House Colours or the Magic of Printing by the Power of the Sun. 

We also have a children’s Cookie Monster demonstration where your young chefs can decorate spooky cupcakes in Riverview. 

On Sunday, dress up in your Halloween best, and head to the Ghosts and Goblin Childrens story telling in the Heritage Centre, one of Bandon’s oldest surviving and slightly spooky buildings. 

Then get your bones over to our Halloween Disco Spooktacular in the Town Hall – dancing, lucky bags and ducking for apples.

Whatever you choose, it is designed to get you in the Halloween mood.You can also stroll around town and be the Judge yourself for Bandon’s Best Hogwarts-inspired Shop Window, not to mention the best Halloween Decorated House.

Get voting at The Secret Society of the Bandon Banshee facebook.

"We have just heard that Sheffield are planning to challenge our attempt, so lets get cracking and recruit your friends. We can do it, as Ginny Weasely would say, “…If you have enough nerve, anything is possible!”

Marguerite McQuaid

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